Eat Well Guide  

THIS NOMINATING SITE IS NOW LIVE !!  We worked hard this past year to get this rolling - now its up to YOU :-) 


This initiative is supported by the GRACE Communications Foundation and, which is a project of GRACE

In support of the Sustainable Table, Slow Food, Buy Fresh Buy Local and Know Your Farmer food movements, the guide is intended to allow the public to curate their palate preferences as the food landscape of Jersey City evolves.  One goal of the project is to encourage more commercial establishments to support Farmers and to provide healthy meal choices to the public.  Another goal is to emphasize the importance of recycling food scraps, which is highlighted in SJC’s introductory message on the mobile friendly site.  This EWG initiative is associated with SJC's GOOD FOOD NOW! Project.

The SJC EAT WELL GUIDE for Jersey City is now one of 17 nationally listed Major City Sustainable Food Guides, naming JC as a healthy food destination for travelers and for those who live and work in Jersey City NJ.  Guides catalog here

Please suggest NEW JC LISTINGS HERE !  Listings are updated daily after they are researched and approved by the Team. 

Criteria for listings HERE !  Nominate your favorite Restaurants, Cafes, Stores, Food Trucks, Juice Bars, etal - LET'S GROW THESE LISTINGS !!

** NOTE: We've included a listing for the garden network in Jersey City, as an additional opportunity for affordable access to local, fresh food.  Did you know we have 20+ gardens in Jersey City, most of them growing food ?  Support them please !  Here's what we've mapped so far.

AND if you have videos of your favorite listings, please send us the link and we'll post them to the SJC EWG :-)

We did these two as part of the launch -


Union Republic (UR)

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