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Welcome Survey

The Welcome Survey helps us to understand what skills you have and what you would like to learn more about. Its a quick way to get on SJC’s listserv so we can keep you informed about important information and upcoming events. We can then also put you in touch with other people in your neighborhood who are interested in the same topics you are !

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 Currently we have some Volunteer Opportunities on SJC’s Organizing Team. If you would like to explore working with us on either a Project Team or on the Organizing Team, send us an email and add VOLUNTEER to the subject line. Here’s our Org Chart :-)



Do you have a great idea for Jersey City but don’t know how to get it off the ground? Let us help you out!

In addition of helping you plan the implementation of your project, SJC makes all of our tools available for your use, including our communications platform and our crowdsourcing know how, Don’t let a lack of funds prevent you from starting a project in your neighborhood !

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Sign the Charter

Read the Charter. If you agree with what it says, sign it! The more people sign on, the more citizen concern we can demonstrate to city government, and then the more likely our officials are to work us. The goal is show that Jersey City citizens care and want to participate in creating sustainability and resiliency solutions for Jersey City!

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Please Support Our Work!

Most of what we do is educational outreach on a variety of sustainability topics. We distribute lots of information, host a variety of events and activate a number of demonstration projects to help educate people who live and work in Jersey City and beyond. Your financial support is greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance !

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