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There is a lot of opportunity for Solar installations in Jersey City.  On rooftops big and small, parking lots, empty lots, sides of skyscrapers.  Right now there are almost 100 buildings with solar panels in Jersey City, but that's less than 1% of what is possible - and it can be a profitable return on investment!



A primary focus of this project will be to educate Neighborhood Associations and other community stakeholders about the opportunities for Green Buildings across Jersey City These include Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Universities / Colleges,  Schools and Hospitals.  There are emerging models for this right now in Jersey City and many more across the Region that we can all learn from. Check out what the US Green Building Council / NYC Chapter published just before the last Mayoral election across the Hudson - why can't we pick up this roadmap for Jersey City?



Trees are a cornerstone strategy toward implementing more Green Infrastructure (GI) in Jersey City.  Alongside rain gardens, bioswales, green roofs, and green walls, trees provide multiple environmental benefits, and are a lower cost option for defending against some of the negative impacts of climate change.  A long-term, integrated, citywide GI implementation plan would be transformational for our growing river city. Here are some of the ways SJC is connecting GI to our other project initiatives and involving the community in this important conversation.



This summer, the trees of Jersey City are taking to twitter. Environmental artist Anne Percoco is assigning Twitter accounts to Jersey City trees and recruiting residents to tweet, in the first person, from the trees' perspectives. These “tree stories” will start a citywide conversation about expanding and maintaining the City's deficient tree canopy.

This project, produced in partnership with Sustainable Jersey City and numerous volunteers, will be a vehicle for environmental activism, education, and community engagement. The project, which will launch on June 20th, will also help create a tree inventory using the Jersey City OpenTreeMap, an open source mapping tool to which the City subscribes. The team's goal is for 50 trees to be tweeting by mid-September.



The objective of the SJC Composting Team is to create awareness around reducing food waste and to promote composting at home, at schools, other public institutions and commercial food establishments. We support education and coordination between community gardens and residents so that gardens, parks and other green spaces can become beneficiaries of healthy soil amendments created by recycling food waste by our community. Want to get involved? Contact us to discuss opportunities for participation.  We hope that a network of community gardens & parks emerges to help in recycling neighborhood food scraps !!



SJC's Good Food Now! initiative is a Jersey City food systems networking and education project to help existing and planned urban farming efforts, community gardening projects, farmers markets, CSAs, and healthy wholesale, retail and cooperative food enterprises find synergies to work with one another toward improving access to local and healthy foods across ALL Wards of Jersey City.



One of the goals of SJC's Good Food Now! initiative is to connect the people behind the emerging urban ag movement in Jersey City and to provide more opportunities to exchange know-how, seeds, success stories etc. A natural next step was to launch this project, A Network of Sustainable Community Gardens for Jersey City (NSCG), to collect important data and map activities going on at ALL JERSEY CITY GARDEN SITES.  This will allow us to build a compelling overview of what's happening, what's working and not working, plus offer some meaningful metrics (attracts funding!) + inform SJC's educational outreach efforts. It will also provide a roadmap for a sustainable landscape design improvement project we have in mind, for all of these sites across Jersey City - stay tuned!


EAT WELL GUIDE for Jersey City

This initiative is supported by the GRACE Communications Foundation and, which is a project of GRACE

In support of the Sustainable Table, Slow Food, Buy Fresh Buy Local and Know Your Farmer food movements, the guide is intended to allow the public to curate their palate preferences as the food landscape of Jersey City evolves.  One goal of the project is to encourage more commercial establishments to support Farmers and to provide healthy meal choices to the public.  Another goal is to emphasize the importance of recycling food scraps, which is highlighted in SJC’s introductory message on the mobile friendly site.  This EWG initiative is associated with SJC's GOOD FOOD NOW! Project.



Sustainable JC would like to see a learning community evolve that includes the school district, municipal employees and other community stakeholders participating together - on both planning and implementing projects which impact the future sustainability of Jersey City neighborhoods.  By prioritizing community and professional education, and collaborating with an array of education partners, we feel that we are doing our part to bring a more informed public to that effort.  Our emphasis on Innovative Demonstration Projects and advocacy for a citywide Sustainability Task Force, that includes representative voices across all Wards of the City, is intended to further that effort.



Sustainable JC (SJC), Jersey City’s Community Green Team, is supporting the roll-out of the Sustainable Jersey For Schools (SJ4S) statewide certification program by partnering with JC School District Champions to plan, design and help fund demonstration projects at our schools, and in surrounding neighborhoods.  If you would like to work with SJC on school district projects, please fill out our Welcome Survey and let us know more about you!  This includes Teachers, Parents and others seeking to work with students to expand sustainability activities in Jersey City.