Rain Gardens

SJC's Rain Gardens +ART Campaign is an environmental remediation + educational outreach initiative.  Partners on this initiative include ioby.org and theNJ Tree Foundation.  As we develop funding strategies for this initiative through various foundations, we encourage the business community to engage in opportunities to Sponsor these installations.  It would also be great to see more residences opt to convert lawns and hardscapes toward beautiful rain garden installations and smarter tree pit technologies.

We Need A City-wide Rain Garden Campaign - Medium sized cities like ours have targeted 10,000 Rain Gardens for their campaigns; we think 11,000 is a good number for Jersey City!

This is a Sustainable JC Green Infrastructure initiative which focuses on the idea of reducing flooding and the incidence of combined sewer overflow (CSO) events in our neighborhoods. It is an opportunity for improved ground-water infiltration to recharge underground aquifers (source of life) and a reduction of pollution entering our surrounding rivers and even our streets.

It is also an opportunity to leverage a stormwater capture strategy toward a natural irrigation system for community gardens, as demonstrated by the Washington Park Permaculture Learning Garden installation. By Rutgers' standards, 250,000 gallons of stormwater are diverted from Jersey City's sewer system each year as a result of this initiative.  Permaculture solutions and Green Infrastructure go hand in hand - SJC's Rain Garden +ART Campaign is modeled after this success which was spearheaded by SJC's founder.

Further, the City of Jersey City received a Sustainable Jersey Award for this innovative demonstration project during their 2011 certification process. SJC's Rain Gardens +ART initiative, launched in 2011, is a citizens response initiative to the recent US EPA Consent Decree leveraged on Jersey City for violations of the Federal Clean Water Act.  And these are the 2011 JCEC Recommendations for Municipal Action for Stormwater Management, yet to be implemented.  Nor are the 2011 JC Sustainable Land Use Resolution commitments being adhered to.

Rain Gardens We've Helped to Install Include:

Private Citizen Rain Garden Installation - Way To Go Laurie Riccadonna ! Photos 

Tell us where you think we should plant a Rain Garden  >>>>>HERE <<<<<

Street Trees

Look no further than the 2015 JCEC Sponsored Tree Canopy Study to learn more about why street trees are so important - only 14% of our city is eco-serviced by trees! For cities our size, and in our geography, recommended coverage is 44%. We are extremely deficient in our current coverage.  In order to provide the stormwater and other climate change resiliency opportunities, as well as provide greater biodiversity habitat and increased quality of life for residents (see Heat Island Effect), WE NEED TO PLANT MORE TREES  Let's get going on this initiative BETTER TOGETHER Jersey City :-)

In order to map the existing trees and record their health status, SJC partnered with Open Tree Map, an open source mapping app and help Tree Mapping Meetups beginning in 2015. Teams of volunteers took to the streets to get a better idea of where more trees need to be planted in the city.

 OTM Logo Large

OTM Logo Large


In 2018 we continue to support protection of the Society Hill Shelterbelt of 84 Mature Trees on the Hackensack Public Walkway - the Friends of the Walkway Community Group has been Battling the DPWA Board there for 10 Years Now!  The City of Jersey City has offered guidance but the board has not followed their directives.

Sign the Petition: SAVE The 84 Mature Shelterbelt of Trees From Being Chopped Down Along Newark Bay Public Access Walkway (Society Hill)

And finally, it's not only about planting trees, but protecting and maintaining the trees we do have. In 2016 NJ Tree Foundation hosted a Treekeepers Workshop teaching us the importance of "right tree, right place." More information on Tree Stewardship courtesy of NJ Tree Foundation can be found here.

Tree Speech is a perfect example of SJC+ Art by raising awareness about out Open Tree Map initiatives in a clever social media campaign. Thank you Anne Percoco ! Brilliant community awareness and stewardship initiative, can't wait to get started on TREE SPEECH again this 2018 season :-) To learn more visit: 


Green Buildings


In 2017, SJC partnered with developer JMA Architects Atelier to bring the First Green Wall in JC - 30' High Moss Mural Project at 54 Bright Street. The project includes a Moss Mural With Misting System. A moss mural like this one can purify the air as much as 275 trees. More photos here of this impressive first for SJC.