ioby-logo Do you have a great idea for Jersey City but don’t know how to get it off the ground?

Let SJC and help!

SJC has started a partnership with charitable donations crowd-resourcing platform, to help support community projects in Jersey City.  As part of the partnership, SJC will serve as Jersey City’s ioby ambassador for sustainability focused neighborhood projects across JC , as well as offering similar support to our other collaborators in Hudson County, e.g., school districts - this partnership is intended to offer social and financial assistance to those who share our mission of civic leadership and community engagement.

We provide:

  • Tools to help you Start and Plan your project.
  • Coaching and mentoring to get you in the right mindset to complete a successful project.
  • The resourcing platform that helps to bring together fundraising, volunteers and community partners on behalf of your project.
  • Use of SJC's broadcast platform including our blog and social media outlets to promote your project.
  • Fiscal sponsorship for individuals and community groups (including charitable donation administration, a MATCH program and ‘flexible finish’ services for those who also join the SJC Collaborative Network.
  • Project Management Tools once you have launched your project.

You provide:

  • An excellent, well thought-out idea of what you would like to accomplish and your plan for getting there.
  • Enthusiasm for your project idea and the overall concepts of civic leadership and community engagement.
  • A great can-do attitude with an understanding of productive collaboration.

If this sounds like something you are excited about, please look at the following materials so you can get an understanding of the process and resources available to you so accomplish your project!

SJC ioby Project Map


Follow these steps to get set up on ioby:

1) Step 1: Share your idea at Just fill out a simple form to tell us a little more about yourself and your awesome idea. A Leader Success Strategist will read through your idea and give you a call to get you set up with a campaign page on ioby.

DONT FORGET - INDICATE 'SUSTAINABLE JC' in your submission by clicking on 'OTHER' when asked 'WHERE DID YOU HEAR ABOUT IOBY ?' - that will pop open another question, asking you 'HOW DID YOU FIND US?" ; enter 'SUSTAINABLE JC' - this will then direct the Ioby Solutions Team to help you to structure your project on SJC's landing page on their website, which will showcase you as part of a growing community of Jersey City neighborhood folks, who TOGETHER have chosen to crowd resource their projects  #BetterTogetherJC !!

2) Step 2: Visit  - view the video as a walk thru to fundraising on ioby - this will help you fully understand how ioby has structured an amazing platform to support your project !

3) Step 3: Send ioby your Prospect Chart: While you wait for your Leader Success Strategist to be in touch, we want you to think through your fundraising capacity and set a goal that’s right for your team. After you submit the form at, you’ll be brought to a prospect chart worksheet that will help you think through how much you can reasonably expect to raise. (or you can preview by doing a search for 'Prospect Chart' here.)

3) Step 3: Develop your fundraising campaign with your Leader Success Strategist. Someone from our team will be in touch with you to make sure you’ve got everything you need before you are given a private link to post your campaign page on ioby.

4) Step 4: When you are ready, you’ll post your campaign page!

Here's SJC's Community Campaigns page and below is one of our favorite campaigns - it used the full capacity of the ioby platform, with MATCHING FUNDS, and broke new ground for the Five Corners Neighborhood !


St. Paul's raised enough money to have the NJ Tree Foundation come in to install a rain garden on their premises and seed a Five Corners Public Art Installation Fund. These actions will forward the vision for an Eco District for Five Corners, which is a neighborhood in need of revitalization.