Sustainable JC thanks you in advance for whatever level of financial donation you can afford to contribute towards our efforts.  At the core of our activities are Educational Outreach and advancing as many Innovative Demonstration Projects as possible.  And while we may highlight specific projects like SJC’s Rain Gardens +ART Campaign or other fundraising efforts that you can donate to, we also incur direct operating costs to deliver the array of community programming we’ve designed.  That's where you come in !

We really appreciate general contributions to our operating fund, used to advance the agenda highlighted on our Charter, and we promise to use those monies wisely.  You can write to us at if you wish to discuss where you would like us to apply your donation dollars.

Sustainable Jersey City is a nonprofit corporation in the process of applying for recognition as an organization exempt from tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. While contributions to Sustainable Jersey City are not currently tax deductible as charitable contributions, if Sustainable Jersey City's application for exemption is approved by the Internal Revenue Service, then your donations may be treated as tax deductible retroactive to March 3, 2019, the date Sustainable Jersey City officially incorporated. However, at this time we cannot guarantee that our application for exemption will be approved by the Internal Revenue Service.



In-Kind Sponsorships

If you have an interest in supporting SJC through an in-kind sponsorship, we can really use media partnerships, host sites for our events, advisory services and a variety of other forms of gifting !  Please feel free to reach us with your ideas.  Sponsor Benefits will be similar to those shown below.

Consider Sponsoring SJC's Projects

If you have a specific interest in supporting one of SJC's Projects. please note that there are a variety of ways to do that, with each of these Projects having different needs.  Feel free to reach us for more details on our Projects after you review the Projects tab on our website menu. Sponsor Benefits will be similar to those shown below.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available for SJC Green Drinks +ART Event Series !

Green Drinks +ART is an ongoing social and business networking event for the community.  The event takes place the first Wed of June, September and December each year at LITM, a downtown bar eatery. Good food, music, and artistic talent is braided together with community info-sharing and opportunity to meet other like-minded people.  For details about our next Green Drinks +ART event, please visit our Meetup calendar of events.

Sponsorship Tiers & Benefits:

Small Business Partner Package $100 investment gives you:

  • Social Media Channel Partner Announcement

  • Facebook Sponsor Gallery

  • Pitch :60 @ SJC Green Drinks +ART event

  • Logo placement on our website

Community Partner Package $500 investment gives you:

  • Your logo will appear on our next event’s collateral including banners and postcards.

  • Logo placement on our website

  • Press Release announcement

  • Social Media announcements on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Enterprise Partner Package $1,000 investment gives you:

  • Inclusion in the Facebook Sponsor Gallery

  • Inclusion on all event collateral throughout the year

  • The opportunity to pitch your company at a Green Drinks event or at one of our Monthly Meetings

  • Differentiation on the SJC website from other ‘Partner’ sponsors. – logo in the site header.

  • Opportunity to contribute blog content to SJC that can be broadcast through our social media channels

Note: we may change and / or add other opportunities to this list as they arise,  hoping to give our Sponsors the greatest amount of exposure as possible.  Please reach us with any questions.