NEW MOBILE APP FOR GREEN MAP NOW AVAILABLE !! Sustainable JC administers the JC Green Map for Jersey City and hosts a working group engaged in taking our map to the next level. By teaching local citizens how to insert their neighborhood's sustainable community assets, challenges and needs into this visual broadcast medium, the JC Green Map becomes a highly visible STORY TELLING tool to communicate what's happening on the ground in our neighborhoods. Photos, videos, poetry and other narratives can be loaded onto this platform for community groups, individuals, artists, schools and businesses, to share their voices and sustainability activities happening at various street locations. What's going on in your neighborhood, both good . . .and . . .not so good?

More about Green Map System here.

Come join us in putting your observations on the JC Green Map below!  Getting started directions here.

And check out our other focus maps at the links below -  if your activities are specific to Green Infrastructure or +ART activities, send us a note so we can add you to these mapping teams and you can post your site on these too!