Phase 1 - Community Education (ongoing)

There is a lot of opportunity for Solar installations in Jersey City.  On rooftops big and small, parking lots, empty lots, sides of skyscrapers.  Right now there are almost 100 buildings with solar panels in Jersey City, but that's less than 1% of what is possible - and it can be a profitable return on investment !

So how do we make deployment of more Solar happen faster in Jersey City?  By educating more community stakeholders - we've begun to do this and will continue to do so into 2018.  If you are interested to work on this project initiative, drop us a note here.

What Community Solar Is & ISN'T - from our friends over at EnergySage

The Importance of Low & Moderate Income Participation in Community Solar

Also check out our old but still very relevant blogpost on Annandale, NJ - we can do a District Solar Project here in Jersey City and should be creating municipal incentives to deploy more Solar, particularly if officials are serious about lowering the City's carbon footprint (gentle reminder :-).

New State level incentives recently legislated and support by our Governor Phil Murphy + the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) - LEARN MORE HERE. Think about our municipal buildings, business districts, schools, neighborhoods, industrial and brownfield sites - we can do this!