Exciting Development For Community Solar

Our colleagues over at Ecocentric Blog have been doing a fabulous job of educating folks on the FOOD, ENERGY and WATER nexus which is a huge contribution ! -  most of what I read these days is about a single system impact or opportunity and its really important that citizens understand the interconnectedness of these systems.  Ecocentric Blog also does significantly deep reporting on each of these topics so everyday folks can become really versed in how best to leverage different points in the system for the greatest impact.  Am excited to share this post with you as is particularly close home - right on Long Island.    Jersey City needs to commission a similar study.  Is anyone looking at city-wide renewable energy opportunities for Jersey City ?? New Study Finds Long Island Can Meet 100% of its Electricity Needs through Renewables

A new coalition of clean energy advocates believes Long Island can power its future solely through renewables and energy efficiency by 2030.




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