Aiming For Truly Sustainable Buildings

What are the attributes of truly sustainable buildings and how can the development community get on board to help change outdated regulations here in Jersey City that prevent greener buildings from coming to market ?  In this article some of the discussion touches on certification systems like LEED, the Living Building Challenge and Passive House and the differences between them - good to understand !  While changing the regulatory guidelines can be a lucrative opportunity for developers, lower energy consumption / costs and quality of life aspects are what appeal to occupants seek out these all too few gems.  My personal interest is in seeing these technologies applied to more affordable price brackets, rather than just the luxury market, but that's another conversation.

SJC hosts a monthly community education event series called 'Greener Buildings, Energy Efficiency & Water Conservation For Neighborhoods'.   Our next talk is tomoro nite with Geopeak's Mike Babb, covering off on various solar options available to businesses and residences, including a discussion about the solar array they are putting on the roof of St. Paul's Community Center.  These projects are important to Jersey City and there should be more of them.  Join us if you can - details here.


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