IMPACT JERSEY CITY ! SJC Collaborating With The Citizen's Campaign !!

Sustainable JC has been working very hard in it's outreach efforts forging a sustainability movement in Jersey City and we're very excited that Mayor Steven Fulop is bringing the Citizen's Campaign back to JC to support a broad base of citizen actionaries and community organizations to help shape it's future.  If you remember, the Mayor worked with the Citizen's Campaign on Pay-To_Play Reform and is now gearing up with a major civic engagement campaign. Mark your calendars for June 14th when there will be Jersey City Call to Service Summit keynoted by Mayor Fulop and featuring experts from The Citizens Campaign to educate residents about their opportunities to serve on City boards and commissions, participate at city council & school board meetings, and how to research and identify evidence-based best practices for their neighborhood and the community-at-large.

While you are tuning in, I must ask for your VOTE !  The Citizen's Campaign has nominated Deb Italiano, along with other dynamic activists from Perth Amboy and Trenton, as Community Leader finalists in their annual Citizen Leadership Awards.  This is a fabulous Honor, which is shared with all those supporting SJC's work and WOULDN'T IT BE GRAND FOR JERSEY CITY, if this award arrived just as we were launching IMPACT JC !  Is up to you - spread the word, share with friends and family and keep those VOTES coming over the next couple of weeks !

Quote from Mayor Fulop -

"The work that Debra is doing through the Sustainable Jersey City organization benefits the residents now and also Jersey City residents of the future," said Mayor Fulop.  "We congratulate her on this honor and look forward to a continued partnership with Debra and Sustainable Jersey City as we continue to enhance sustainability throughout the city."

2014 Recognition Categories are for Citizen Journalist, Citizen Legislator and Community Leader - Congratulations ALL NOMINEES - Bravo!  Check out everyone's profile here and don't forget to VOTE !

More details on this exciting development here -

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