Palm Oil & Snack Food Industry; Follow-up Post to 'Years Of Living Dangerously'




Climate Mama's website is great tutorial, not only for Parents (Papas too!), on Climate Change Impacts and the related political ping pong game going on with legislators about it, but for all of us.  In addition to being educational, it puts folks in touch with immediate actions they can take when either state bills are being considered or through their extensive partnership network, ways to get more involved if these issues are something you are passionate about.

Find out more about the backstory on Palm Oil by scrolling down to the bottom of this page.  They've partnered with the Rainforest Action Network RAN) to connect the dots for folks, so you understand what's really happening.  RAN's scientists travelled with Harrision Ford in the Showtime documentary 'Years Of Living Dangerously' now airing on Sunday nites at 9pm.  And if you've missed prior episodes, they are all available On Demand on online on the series website.

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