Great Model For Collaboration in Jersey City !

$1,600 to get us to the finish line.  And while we were going to end this campaign tonite at midnite, we're going to keep going until we hit our target !  Let's wrap this up Folks - partner with your business neighbors to bring more of these sleek bike racks into your neighborhood. Yesterday we had folks Sponsor ($150 each / serves 2 bikes) bike racks for community centers, parks and pools - THAT'S THE SPIRIT !!  We can do this Jersey City and remember the next initiative might be yours - get in the swing of community crowdsourcing the changes you want to see in JC ~

HOMESTRETCH FOLKS ! We raised $35,690 and we have $1,796 to go - campaign ends this Wed August 6th - we can do this JC !!

This campaign was extended an additional week so some promised checks can come in to get us to the finish line - it ends next Wed August 6th and we're almost there !  More community groups and individuals need to support this as is YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO VOTE on where you want to see bike racks in Jersey City.

This will put close to 300 of these cool bike racks on the streets of Jersey City - YES !!! Please consider donating what you can and encouraging others to do the same. EVERY DONOR GETS A VOTE to indicate their preferred location for a bike rack, SPONSORS can reserve locations, and then come September, the City will install these beauties ~

BTW . . . this is an unprecedented partnership with JC City Hall and COMMUNITY STAKEHOLDERS!   Has never been done before in the state of New Jersey and along with those green miles of new bike lanes being implemented all around the City, and the coming Bike-Share program with Hoboken & Weehauken (largest regional Bike-Share Program in the U.S.), this campaign helps to transform us FROM A CAR CITY TO A BIKE CITY !!


bike rack banner

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