Spotlight on East Coast Greenway Cleanup

Great news for JC bicyclists and pedestrians – the section of the East Coast Greenway connecting Jersey City and Newark is now clear of trash, weeds, and other debris thanks to the work of NJDOT! Local citizens and advocacy groups successfully brought attention to the neglected path along Truck Rt 1&9 a few weeks ago, even earning some air time on NJTV. As you can see, the path had become nearly impassable with overgrown weeds and garbage.

Photo Credit: Tony Borelli, Bike JC

After some attention from NJDOT, it’s now smooth sailing on the approach to the Hackensack River Bridge. With beautiful fall weather just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to check out this newly spruced up path.

Photo Credit: Tony Borelli, Bike JC

We at SJC think this path is a really great first step towards improving and greening the gateway to Jersey City. Imagine if the next iteration of this trail was capable of collecting stormwater runoff from the highway? A rain garden strip like the one pictured below would help filter pollutants and beautify the path, adding some much-needed green space to Jersey City!

Rain garden strip built in Nashville as part of a Complete Streets project. Photo Credit:

In the meantime, go ahead and take a jog or bike ride across the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers along the East Coast Greenway. The path is accessible from the west side of Lincoln Park. Just take the loop until you reach the track field, where you’ll see a small bridge with a marked bike lane. You’ll cross over this and find your way onto some trails that will lead you to the entrance. It can get a little confusing, but don’t give up!

Now take a right and continue on as far as you’d like. Be aware that there are a few dicey crossings and sections if going all the way to Newark, but if you’re alert and prepared, you’ll make it just fine. For a map of this route and the rest of the ECG (which stretches all the way from Florida to Maine!), check out their website:

As a new project leader with SJC, I'm excited to start working with you to improve Jersey City. To learn more about what SJC is doing around Green Infrastructure in Jersey City, visit our Project page, and get involved by filling out our Volunteer Welcome Survey. After you fill out the survey, send a quick email to with Lyndsey-GI in the subject line.

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