Let's Call for Green Infrastructure in Jersey City

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection needs our help! If you'vedep_small been following SJC for a while, you know that 65% of Jersey City is served by a combined sewer (rain water + sewage in one pipe) that overflows a lot. The NJDEP is re-writing the requirements to get permits to allow for these overflows and want community input. This is a great opportunity!!! We want them to require Green Infrastructure implementation to show the long term commitment to smart growth through sustainable solutions.  Please take their survey (link below) and let your voice be heard. "CSO Survey:  So that the NJDEP can better understand your community or organization’s needs as we move towards the issuance of permits and the creation of LTCPs, the NJDEP would greatly appreciate your participation in a CSO survey.  The survey is available through and the response period will close on March 16, 2015.  If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact Jason Lonardo at 609-292-4396"

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