Greener Buildings in Jersey City - Moss Mural Project Launches !

Greener Buildings in Jersey City - Moss Mural Project Launches Jersey City Developer hosts the first living wall at 54 Bright Street

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (April 18, 2017):  Local community organization Sustainable Jersey City (SJC), a collaborative network of green civic minded orgs and individuals, teamed up with Developer JMA Architects  Atelier,  owner Jorge Mastropietro, to provide this Moss Mural installation for his newest building in Jersey City, at 54 Bright Street.   The building will offer condo units for sale in late spring, and the building also features a green roof, one of the signature elements of JMA buildings.

“We need more Green Infrastructure in Jersey City and this is a fun way to merchandise that conversation.  The Moss Mural brings quality of life benefits to the community and was another opportunity to integrate our +ART initiative into the environmental projects we do – working with Amanda Levie and Joe Velez was awesome,” says SJC Founder Debra Italiano. “Goals of the project include encouraging more building owners to commission Moss Murals for their buildings, and also, to show how artist collaborations can be part of sustainability solutions for Jersey City.  We are open for business and would like to do many more of these. “

Green Infrastructure (GI) is sometimes a challenge in Jersey City, especially if it involves excavation.  By definition, GI includes rain gardens and bioswales, trees and smarter tree pits, green roofs and green walls.  GI is considered a strategic intervention for managing storm water for municipalities.  Working above ground to divert storm water from sewer systems, GI reduces the costs associated with expanding expensive underground solutions, which is good for tax payers!

In addition to helping to manage flood events, GI solutions cool buildings and offer habitat for wildlife.  GI is considered one of the best practices cities can implement to combat negative climate change impacts. As Jersey City runs out of open space and street excavation challenges (think utility and sewer lines) constrain the City’s ability to install more GI at street level, roof tops and walls present themselves as the next frontier for greening the City.

Jorge Mastropietro is an Argentinian born Architect / Developer, and his architectural designs reflect high standards for energy efficiency, onsite storm water management and a variety of green living features, including green roofs.  “I love this project as it is both aesthetically beautiful and it provides ecological benefits, which I am committed to in my work as a designer, and as a resident of Jersey City.

“This project has been a long time coming,” says Amanda Levie, who was eager to implement the concept.  “I had the idea 4 years ago to create something artistic that enriches our lives by offering some environmental benefit.  This is my dream in the making - creating a sustainable artistic movement and introducing this new living medium.  Working with SJC to do this project was a great opportunity to get this going in Jersey City.”

Joe Velez, the design artist for the project, shares his inspiration - "Over the course of my career, I've received many portrait and mural commissions. This moss mural was by far the most uniquely challenging project I've taken on. Learning how to work with this new medium made me feel more in tune with the ancients, who had only what was available in nature to produce their works."

We installed this in November and here are some Spring pics + photos of the process -

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