Special Invitation To Our Joint Fundraiser Luncheon On Sunday October 27, 12 – 3pm ~

Special Invitation To Our Joint Fundraiser Luncheon On Sunday October 27, 12 – 3pm ~

Submitted by Deb Italiano  Board President, Sustainable JC

Dear Friends,

We are excited to invite you and your guests to a special Celebration Fundraiser Luncheon that we have arranged to both toast the athletes from the inaugural JC Half Marathon in Lincoln Park we have organized that morning with our partner Citytri AND to give Sustainable JC and JCFamilies an opportunity to socialize with our constituents in a beautiful and relaxed setting, which we rarely have the chance to do.  Together we will feast on a banquet of delicious farm food and an array of beverages hosted by the amazing Whealth & Company - thank you David Trotta !

We have reserved the SKY LOUNGE at Journal Squared for our Fundraiser Luncheon and for those of you who have not visited before, you will certainly be taken with the views of this 54th floor penthouse venue.  More importantly we are counting on the engaging company of Jersey City’s great community to create the cool vibe we intend – please join us 😊

While Sustainable JC has always been mission driven, this year we incorporated as a non-profit company and we feel privileged to now be able to fully partner with other non-profits here working hard to make Jersey City a better place to live and work.  In our case, and you all know this, SJC is working hard to ensure a cleaner, greener and more climate resilient city.  And in JCFamilies case, they are working hard to create a citywide community where parents and families can strongly connect and thrive.   We love JCFamilies and we are so pleased to be collaborating with them on this day of fundraising – thank you Mamta Singh for all that you do !

Both of our organizations wish to thank you for all your support in the past and we do hope that will continue – yes, turning out as you have is very important and please keep coming to all of our events but we will sometimes also ask you for financial support and this is one of those times.   Runners can still register for the fundraiser JC Half Marathon here  and please RSVP with your Luncheon Reservation here – Tickets are $25 per person.  

This JC Half Marathon and Celebration Luncheon is intended to be an annual tradition – so help us kick it off with a bang !

Space is limited so please RSVP asap.

Thanks and hope to see you there !

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