Resiliency Planning in Jersey City - Upcoming Public Meetings !

Resiliency Planning in Jersey City - Upcoming Public Meetings !

Submitted by Debra Italiano, Founder & Chair, Sustainable JC

Dear Friends,

We’d like to share with you details about three (3) upcoming public meeting that have been scheduled by the Jersey City Division of Planning to brief community stakeholders on municipal Resiliency Efforts for the City.

Resiliency is a topic that SJC is asked about quite a lot, with folks wanting to understand what the difference is as it relates to Sustainability. In our view, Resiliency is not just an approach to disaster planning or risk management, as is conventionally thought. Rather, Resilience is about building elasticity into all design and planning systems, throughout their lifecycles. So basically it is the CAPACITY of any system - social, environmental, economic - to absorb and withstand disruptions in such a way that it retains it’s structure and its ability to function,.

Further, it is that integral elasticity that we want built in to any design or any planning system over the course of it’s existence. You can read more about Resiliency, Sustainability and Adaptive Management, in our Charter where we offer a definition of terms to these concepts and express the context of their nested relationships, particularly as it relates to Climate Change Impacts .

With that understanding in place, a series of important public meetings sponsored by Council Members Denise Ridley, James Solomon, Mira Prinz-Arey and the JC City Planning are coming up quick with the first one planned for tomoro evening ! Here are the dates, times and locations -

  • Tues Aug 6th @ 6:30pm at Our Lady of Mercy Church / Maria Room, 40 Sullivan Drive in Greenville.

  • Mon Aug 12th @ 6:30 at City Hall / Council Caucus Room, 280 Grove Street, Downtown JC

  • Wed Aug 28th @ 6:30 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church / Parish Hall, 99 Browadway on the West Side

Come out a get educated about what the City’s Resiliency Efforts are about - see the attached flyer for a Ward Map showing the Resiliency Priority Areas.

Hope to see you there !

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