Food Waste - What are you doing about it ?

The extreme issue of Food Waste has been in the news quite a bit lately, including NYC's new initiative being proposed by Mayor Bloomberg; won't be easy but we all have to address this problem Today, colleague Andy Velwest shared another article which is worth a read and is also an opportunity to let folks know what Sustainable JC is up to on this topic -

FoodRpng_700pxwSJC's Community Composting Project has recently gained the recognition of the EPA who will be rolling out a major consumer education campaign in 2014 in an attempt to reduce household food waste by 25%. SJC was selected as the only east coast group to pilot their educational materials before that launch.

More on our Community Composting Pilot can be found here (Bokashi + Community Garden Exchange) here

And check out these strategies to reduce food waste for your household - Top Five Ways to Waste Less Food

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