Streamlined Approach to Implementing More Solar in Jersey City

Am wondering if any of the findings / recommendations about improving business practices related to construction activities here in Jersey City, as outlined in the Mayor's Transition Report (ref starting on page 104 ), have been implemented ?  Seems a number of these are easy fixes. If we marry those fixes to more teeth aka mandates in the 'it would be nice if you feel like building green'  recently released Redevelopment Agency's Green Guide For Developers, maybe we would see some transformational activities begin to happen across Jersey City's neighborhoods.  More specifically, what incentives can be offered to activate more green building, green infrastructure and clean energy options across the City ?  Thumb through this document if you have a chance and you'll see what I mean

My colleagues over at Sungevity have been hard at work on the west coast clearing obstacles like "permitting issues" to all for massive implementation of residential solar and a recent announcement detailing a tool they developed may be just what we need here to get things going

Sharing information like this is what SJC does a lot of.  With our focus on best practices, innovative demonstration projects and NOT reinventing the wheel, the opportunity to learn from those who have gone before us abounds !  Especially in the sustainability arena where Jersey City has been a slow starter.

Other cities are implementing coordinated sustainability initiatives like crazy - why aren't we ?  We need to launch a Sustainability Office inside of City Hall - not through some autonomous agency - and put together a Jersey City Sustainability Task Force that is inclusive of community stakeholders, the school district, business interests and municipal officials, and work together to formulate a Sustainability Action Plan that can be implemented over time.  No better time than right now to do this.

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