Free Green Infrastructure Community Training Coming Up Next Friday January 31st !

Change happens when individuals and organizations work together.  That includes how we all participate with local municipal officials on initiatives such as more Green Infrastructure in Jersey City.  To do this effectively, a variety of folks need to get educated and this opportunity is pitching to just that. As the NJ DEP works with the PVSC (the regional authority overseeing stormwater infrastructure matters for our geography), to roll out new rules for municipalities that encourage them to incorporate more Green Infrastructure into their planning processes, everday citizens, city workers and interested professionals need to understand more about this topic, how it can serve our interests and how to make it happen.

The PVSA (Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission - sexy name!) is pulling together public forums to train community stakeholders in Green Infrastructure concepts and practices - FOR FREE !  While SJC has had a number of workshops with excellent speakers come to town to discuss this, we highly recommend this public training which is open to everyone.

Details here

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