New from GRACE - 'Meet the Nexus' Guide !

You all know that SJC is a fan of the Grace Communications Foundation.  They have a great website and their Eco-Centric Blog is filled with news and information that help us to understand the various impacts of Climate Change and the inter-relationships of food, energy and water sustainability issues. While good decisions about one of these systems can carry multiple benefits, the reverse is also true.  For example, if we're not conscious about decisions we make about how we manage our food supply, we can negatively impact our water and energy supply too.  This is called NEXUS THINKING !

This hand guide is really accessible and fun, with bite-sized learning opportunities.  For example, did you know that it takes 42 gallons of water to make just one slice of pizza ?  Who knew !!   Included in the guide is their New 9-Tip Guide to Food, Water and Energy at Home.

Bravo GRACE - well done.

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