New U.N. Climate Change Panel Report Released Yesterday - Urgent Action Called For.

I decided to repost Trish Syzmanski's google+ share this morning here on SJC's site, along with the comments I added.   While we've had a lot of this discussion at our meetings over the last couple of years, our blog platform was developed to give community stakeholders a voice and to help share information amongst those focused on transforming Jersey City into a more sustainable place to live and work. So we're inviting you to participate.

If you are interested to blog on our site, please send an email to - your posts will flow throw to all of our social media sites.

Trish's post  and article below; my comments follow.



We can change our expectations and TELL OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES at all levels.

We can join and learn with +Sustainable JC.

We can become more aware and make changes in our communities and our own lives.

Waste not - Want not.

Climate Change Adjustments Must Be Fast And Large, U.N. Panel Says

Climate Change Adjustments Must Be Fast And Large, U.N. Panel Says

Deb -

The learning community that Sustainable JC is working to coalesce for Jersey City, is an opportunity for concerned citizens who live and work in this river city, to take up the 'Resiliency Call' and support efforts to plan more sustainably.  
Hoboken is on the move and is bringing private, public and philanthropic partnerships together to help fund and execute this award winning plan by OMA  
They have also completed a Green Infrastructure Strategic Plan (Bravo!) which is what Jersey City needs to do.  ALL new economic dev, real estate dev and RE-development initiatives should be planned with climate change realities in mind.  Other cities are doing this - Jersey City can do this.
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