Years Of Living Dangerously ! James Cameron's Gift, Earth Day 2014.

Director James Cameron (Titanic, Avatar) directs this 9-episode series on the impacts of climate change here in the US and around the globe.  Distinguished narrators take on the topic as an opportunity to educate themselves and others, beyond the rhetoric, about the root causes and the complex interconnections that are driving some very bad decisions. For those who are confused or are sitting on the fence about what you believe or what action, if any, you might want to take, I would highly recommend taking a bit of time to tune in to this intelligent discussion.  However, fair warning . . . is disturbing to watch.  So far, I appreciate most how they are exploring how faithbased communities and individuals who are guided by their religious teachings, are reconciling scientific evidence with their spiritual beliefs.

This is airing on Showtime but each episode can be viewed on the website -


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