Community Crowd-Resourcing For Your Projects !!

The Citizenry of Jersey City generates the CHANGES THEY  WANT TO SEE for their neighborhoods !! SJC's partnership with is a support system for making things happen.  This crowd-resourcing platform brings funding, volunteers, and all kinds of sponsorship to neighborhood projects and citywide initiatives.  Once you think about a project and get organized, SJC will help you to launch it.

Just remember though - this is YOUR PROJECT and there is a lot of work to get it ready to go onto our platform.  You need to have a team in place to make it happen and we suggest you take a reality check before, during and even after your project is launched for it to be sustainable.

Two projects launched this week - yeah !! Donations Needed !!

PS #5 Joined SJC's Rain Gardens +ART Campaign to reinvent their school with their Alleviating Stormwater Run-off Project (target $10,060)

SJC collaboration with Bike JC, JC Art School and the City of Jersey City for citywide JC Bike Rack Campaign (target $37,311)

Please support - your project might be next !  The vision we have is that SJC can help build momentum across neighborhoods and the City, for stakeholders to collaborate on making these initiatives successful - do what you can and BE THE CHANGE !!

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