What About Trees ?

Can't help but posting this as I read through what other cities are doing to manage stormwater surge impacts and some of the very costly proposed designs outlined in this article While upgrades in our underground systems are needed and new ideas to redirect river surges may have merit, seems we can also include MORE GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE into our long-term sustainability planning efforts to make Jersey City more climate change resilient.

WHAT ABOUT TREES ? Seemed the approximately 90 trees on the Hackensack River's shoreline promenade of Society Hill's Walkway helped quite a bit during Sandy. In Camden, the newly planted 117 trees planted as a "shelterbelt' around the CCMUA Waste Water Treatment are part of integrated green infrastructure strategy that will help to helps to mitigate the flooding by absorbing stormwater.

Each tree will capture approximately 2,000 gallons of stormwater per year, diverting an additional 234,000 gallons of stormwater each year from the sewer system. AND in addition to absorbing stormwater, the deciduous and evergreen trees planted absorb odors from the treatment plant (other city odors), improve air quality, provide shade, beautify the landscape, and provide wildlife habitat. Seems the cost benefit is a little obvious and can help shave the costs of expensive grey infrastructure, river walls, etal, not requiring all these constructs. LET'S WORK WITH NATURE FOLKS !

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