New Project Fundraiser On SJC's ioby Platform - Go 'FROGS ARE GREEN' !

Sustainable JC has a wonderful crowd resourcing partnership with, which we established for Jersey City community stakeholders as a vehicle to get neighborhood projects funded.  Some of these are turning into citywide initiatives and some have no borders, like the newest project Susan Newman, founder of FROGS ARE GREEN, just posted. Her Amphibian Education and Artistic Expression initiative is a fabulous portal which welcomes kids to learn about the environment in tactile and very fun ways.  In addition to learning about how cool and beautiful the vast array of these are, FROGS are a very important healthy eco-system indicator and unfortunately, they have become another canary in the coal mine and are at risk.

To donate to this project go here.

More about this project here -


Frogs, Amphibians and Their Threatened Environment: Discovery and ExpressionThrough Art, K-3.

Check out SJC's ioby Partnership page to learn more about this fundraising platform and to resource other tools that will help make your community project successful.

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