Jersey City Master Plan: How to get involved!

Jersey City is currently in the process of updating its Master Plan. The current plan, adopted in 2001, is in need of a comprehensive reexamination in order to meet the needs of current and future residents. This is a major initiative that will have significant impacts on City life for years to come. The Master Plan acts as a blueprint for the future of the city; transportation infrastructure, housing, public space, land use, neighborhood and economic development--all of the building blocks city life--will be impacted by updates to the Master Plan.

How much will be invested in implementing green infrastructure in coming years? How much will be invested in affordable housing in all wards across the city? How will this plan effect economic development in areas outside of downtown?

Jersey City, to say the very least, is a city in flux. It is crucial community members get involved to make their voices heard to influence the updates to the Master Plan. We must work together to build a city that is beautiful, sustainable and equitable for all!

The city has begun holding Kickoff Sessions to discuss the revision process and gather community input.

The first session was held on September 15th at City Hall.

The next session will be held tonight, Wednesday, September 21, at the Bethune Center in Bergen-Lafayette at 6:30 p.m.

The final session will be held on Tuesday, September 27th at P.S 28 in the Heights at 6:30 p.m. Jersey City Master Plan Kickoff Meetings Flyer

I strongly encourage you to attend either of these sessions if you are available! I cannot stress how important it is to offer feedback at the stage.

You can also offer vital input by completing this survey.Fill it out!  Have your friends and neighbors fill it out!  It takes just a few minutes.

This is important

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