Jersey City Innovation Office Taking on Sustainability - Focus Groups on WATER Coming Up!

The Jersey City Innovation Office has recently targeted matters related to Sustainability and have taken their show on the road ! Many of you may have noticed the I-Team's neighborhood presence, where they have been asking folks across the City what sustainability and resiliency planning topics matter most  - you may have even provided them with valuable feedback !   The I-Team is now ready to take a deeper dive, after having assessed that WATER is not only a common interest and concern to most people, but that WATER is also a common theme related to other sustainability topics like Green Infrastructure and Energy Efficient Buildings.   How do we conserve, redirect and reuse this valuable and finite resource ?

Needless to say, Sustainable JC is very pleased about this effort and we look forward to supporting a policy and planning framework that will make Jersey City a more sustainable place to live and work.  WATER is an important and big topic - it will take many stakeholders, across all sectors, willing to effectively collaborate toward some shared and achievable goals.  We can do this Jersey City !

The I-Team wants to hear your views regarding WATER, and have scheduled a series of Neighborhood Focus Group Sessions all around Jersey City.  Please attend if you can, more information about times and location below -

Thank you Innovation Team for taking this up, much appreciated ~

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